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Your Mazda deserves the absolute best. That’s why Paretti Mazda has opened up our service center for drivers located near Kenner, LA. Our skilled technicians specialize in every service you can think of–including brake service.

Take some time out of the day between visiting local hot spots like Coconut Beach and AMF All Star Lanes to read this piece. In it, we detail everything there is to know about getting your vehicle’s brakes serviced.

Why It’s Important to Service Your Brakes

Why It’s Important to Service Your Brakes

The braking system is responsible for bringing your vehicle to a full and complete stop. If you were to delay getting your vehicle’s brakes serviced, you risk putting yourself and other drivers in danger.

For example, the brake pads are an important part of your vehicle’s overall brake system. Over time, they begin to weaken and become less efficient in their stopping power. If they continue to be used, they can wear out or overheat and start to warp and deform.

This can cause uneven braking and swaying or may even cause the driver to lose control. Another example of an important brake-related service has to do with the brake fluid. This fluid helps support the brake system; however, it needs to be changed out periodically.

If you neglect to change your vehicle’s brake fluid, it can lead to corrosion in they hydraulics system and may affect other parts of your vehicle.

Simply put: The only way to guarantee your vehicle’s brake system health is to keep up with maintenance and have it serviced regularly.

Signs You Need Brake Service

Mechanics recommend replacing the brake fluid every two years or 30,000 miles and the brake pads every 20,000 to 60,000 miles.

However, time and mileage aren’t the only factors when determining when your vehicle needs brake service. There are also some tell-tale signs your vehicle is suffering brake damage. Here are just a few:

  • Clanking, squealing, grinding noises: You hear strange noises coming from your car.
  • Vibrations or pulsing: The dashboard and/or steering wheel vibrate as you start the ignition.
  • Brake fluid leaks: You notice a puddle of oily, yellow fluid underneath your vehicle. (This could be brake fluid and is considered an emergency. Do not attempt to drive the car—instead, have it towed to our shop.)
  • Rubber smell: You smell burning rubber when you apply brake pressure.

Depending on which symptom your vehicle is experiencing, this could be an urgent sign for brake repair. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to bring your vehicle to our service center as soon as possible.

Brake Service

Visit Our Service Center near Kenner, LA

Restoring your Mazda is easier than ever thanks to the team in our service center. Our service center is the hub for automotive-related maintenance, and our technicians have perfected the process so you can experience fast, reliable service every time. Along with brake service, here are just some other routine services we offer:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations/replacements
  • Transmission repairs

We can also handle less-common services, including collision repair and part installations. If your vehicle requires a part that’s not currently in our inventory, we’d be happy to order it and handle its installation.

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Give your Mazda a boost with a visit to our Paretti Mazda service center. We can’t wait to see you drive around Kenner, Louisiana, in your freshly serviced Mazda. Hit up local hangouts like the Treasure Chest Casino or Lafreniere Park.

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