Battery Service near Kenner LA

One of the most important fixtures that help your car perform at its best is the battery. Just like having your ride serviced for an oil change and other preventative services, it’s important to have your battery checked out every so often, so that way you’ll know what its health is like.

Now, you may be wondering where you can find battery service near Kenner, LA. Your answer lies at the service center at Paretti Mazda! Our team will make sure all your battery needs are met swiftly.

Service Center

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When you choose our service center for your battery needs, you’re making the best choice for your four-wheeled companion. This is because of our amazing team of Mazda-certified technicians who knows everything there is to know about vehicle batteries. As part of your routine maintenance service, they’ll always check your battery. However, if you need a charge or need it to be replaced, they can handle those tasks!

We get our batteries from our parts center, which is next to the service center. These are designed to fit any kind of Mazda, as well as vehicles from other automakers. Once our team sees your ride, rest assured that they’ll know which battery will work best.

If you decide that you want to install your battery yourself, you can easily pick it up from our parts center and take it home! Schedule an appointment with us or order parts by stopping in, giving us a call, or filling out an online form!

How Will I Know When I Need Battery Service?

While no one wants to deal with a failing battery, it’s important to know when it’s time to act. This can prevent your battery from dying on you, which would mean your car would be inoperable until you can either jump the current battery or replace it. Here are some signs that indicate a failing battery:

  • Car doesn’t start right away
  • Battery dashboard warning light illuminates
  • Dim headlights

Factors like time, heat, and vibration from your car will cause the battery to lose its charge. Usually, a battery will last anywhere between three and five years, but it’ll depend on how often and far you drive, as well as how long your vehicle stays parked.

Battery Service

What Are Some Benefits of Battery Service?

There are so many benefits to battery service aside from your car being able to function. Having your battery replaced in a timely manner can reduce the need for maintenance. Newer batteries recharge much faster than deteriorating batteries, which can maximize its life.

If you’re picking a new battery yourself, make sure you get one that’s of good quality. Low-quality batteries won’t last as long and have a higher probability to fail quickly.

Where Can I Receive Battery Service near Kenner LA?

If it’s time to have your battery replaced or you want a health check, Paretti Mazda is here to provide you with battery service near Kenner, LA! Stop in, give us a call, or go online today to schedule service!

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