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Why Trade

Why You Should Trade In Your Current Vehicle

Many of our customers here at Paretti Mazda prefer to trade in their vehicle instead of trying to sell it on their own. It’s easier, and we offer a great value for it. If you’re on the fence, here are some reasons you should consider trading in your vehicle:

Your Time is Valuable

Fixing your car up and selling it takes a lot of time. Time you may not have. If you simply can’t spend your hours fixing up your car, cleaning your car, listing your car, and showing your car to prospective buyers, then trading in is a great choice for you. Here at Paretti Mazda, we know our customers’ lives are busy so we don’t waste your time and offer you a great deal on your trade-in as is.

You Might Still Owe Money on Your Vehicle

If you still owe money on your current vehicle, trading in is a great option. If you try to sell the car on your own, you’ll have to calculate the payoff value and get a certain amount from the sale, as well as work with the bank. Trading your car with a dealer is easier because dealerships know how to work with financers to get you into another car without worrying about your payoff quote.

You Want Your New Car Quickly

Selling a car takes time. Trading in your vehicle can be a quick and easy process. In fact, many of our customers trade in their vehicle and drive away in a new one the same day! If you want to get behind the wheel of a newer, more reliable vehicle as quickly as possible, trading in your current vehicle is the way to go. Browse the vehicles on our lot today.

If you want to get started trading in your current vehicle, fill out this form today or simply stop by our lot. We can’t wait to help you get behind the wheel of a newer vehicle! Call ​800-499-1341 if you have any questions.