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Things Every Driver Should Know About Caring for Their Vehicle

Things Every Driver Should Know About Caring for Their Vehicle

When it comes to caring for your vehicle there are several things to consider. In addition, the work that is done to maintain your vehicle and its performance varies. At Paretti Mazda, we’ll help you develop an idea of how to care for your vehicle on a day-to-day basis.

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1. Clean the Interior of Your Vehicle

Keep your car clean by wiping down your dashboard with the right products. Vacuum anything off the floor and mats. Do this monthly to maintain the appearance of your vehicle. In doing so, you will also avoid any potential damage from dirt buildup.

2. Wash Your Car Regularly

The paint of your vehicle can wear off due to the contaminants dirt or pollen can create overtime. Maintaining a clean appearance has its benefits, but you will also prevent damages to the overall finish.

3. Pay Attention to Your Tires

Tire rotation, tire air pressure, and alignments are important. Those three are items that are components of a tire upkeep. Make sure rotate your tires for an even wear and keep proper air pressure to help with fuel efficiency. An alignment might not be necessary but if your car is moving side-to-side while driving, this may be something to consider.

4. Change Your Air Filter

For an overall good performing engine, we recommend changing your air filter often. Some vehicles require an air filter change sooner than others. It depends on the amount of dirt and debris buildup of each vehicle. The experts at Paretti Mazda can help you determine the best plan for you.

5. Park in the Shade

Parking in the shade isn’t always possible, but this will help with fuel efficiency, protecting the paint from sun damage, and will keep your car cool, especially in the hot summer months.

6. Get Your Brakes Inspected

Usually when you hear squeaky noises or when your car doesn’t come to a complete stop, it’s recommended to get brakes inspected. Paying attention to anything abnormal to avoid troubles in the future is important. You can also have us check your brakes when you stop in to our dealership for other issues.

7. Stay UpToDate with your car’s oil

It’s suggested to change your oil at least every 3,000, although many vehicles can go much longer, but it depends on your driving and cars manual. However, you can always check your oil with the oil stick and top it off if necessary.

In addition to this list, there are other items that you may need to know to take care of your vehicle. Paretti Mazda can help you gain more knowledge about what to do to have your vehicle always in the best shape!

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