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Signs of Transmission Trouble

At Paretti Mazda, our commitment to you doesn’t end when you drive off our lot. We are here to service your Mazda or used vehicle whether your needs are routine maintenance or extensive repairs at our  service center in Metairie. Our customers love our truly exceptional service, and we stand by our commitment to the community. One of the repairs we encounter often is transmission trouble.

The transmission is a mechanism that controls the application of power from the engine to the driveshaft. It encounters a lot of wear and tear due to the friction that the many moving components that make it up create. If your transmission is not properly cared for, you could be looking at a pricey and inconvenient transmission repair or replacement. Talk to the experts at Paretti Mazda about how to properly maintain your transmission. If you think you’re having issues, schedule service immediately.

What are some symptoms of a bad transmission?

  • Grinding or shaking:  Shaking or jerking suggest there could be a problem with your transmission. You might hear a grinding noise when you shift into gear if you have a manual transmission.
  • Burning Smell:  Overheating transmission fluid could be the culprit. The fluid can become filled with debris and will eventually damage your transmission.  
  • Noise While in Neutral:  Noisy neutral transmissions could just need some fluid or the transmission could need some of its worn out parts replaced.
  • Slow Response:  Is your car hesitating before going into gear? This could indicate a transmission problem and should be handled right away.
  • Check Engine Light:  A check engine light is a good indicator that something could be wrong with your transmission. While this light could indicate any number of problems, it’s best to have it checked out immediately.

If you’re experiencing these signs or others, come to the service department at Paretti Mazda as soon as possible for transmission service. At Paretti Mazda, our service team makes the difference. We’re committed to keeping your vehicle on the road as long as possible. Call ​800-680-9807 with any questions or schedule your service online