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Choosing Between Buying and Leasing a New Mazda

Which is more cost effective: buying or leasing a new vehicle? For prospective new Mazda car owners, choosing between buying or leasing is an important decision, and it can be difficult to sort through all the details. Let us at Paretti Mazda guide you to the best arrangement that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Purchasing a Mazda vehicle puts you in the driver's seat

Buying a Mazda gives you the freedom of owning your vehicle. There are no penalties for deciding to sell your vehicle at any time, and you decide what repairs are acceptable during the life of your car. Once your loan balance is paid off, you are no longer required to make payments. You have the ability to modify or customize your Mazda (as long as the warranty allows it), drive it as far as you want, and selling it means money in your pocket or towards the purchase of another vehicle.

Buying can be a bigger monthly financial commitment than leasing

Although Paretti Mazda works to provide the best deals for residents throughout Southern Louisiana and Greater New Orleans, it's likely your new car loan payment will be higher than a lease payment. Wear and tear is entirely your responsibility, and high mileage may affect the value when selling in Metaire, LA.

Leasing can be an appealing financial decision

Leasing works well for drivers that do not want the hassle of selling a car or would prefer a lower monthly payment. Since Louisiana collects tax on monthly payments instead of on the car's full price, you will likely save on sales tax.

Understanding the responsibilities of leasing

Leasing comes with several terms that may pose a challenge to some drivers. All leases generally have mileage limits, and exceeding those limits means penalties. All repairs are the responsibility of the lessee. When the leasing term is up, the buyer then needs to decide to start a new lease or purchase a new car. Paretti Mazda can help any buyer from Metairie to Orleans Parrish, Slidell, Mandeville, and Covington determine if a lease is for them.

Ready to take the next step toward purchasing your new Mazda car? Head into Paretti Mazda in Metairie, LA, to see whether purchasing or leasing a brand new Mazda is for you and schedule a test drive today.