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Choosing a Collision Center

When choosing a collision center, you want the best service that money can buy. Collision centers that know what they’re doing are worth their weight in gold. After the work is completed, you’ll receive a car that looks just like it did before you sent it in, if all goes as planned and you choose your collision center carefully.

To choose the right collision center for you, consider these factors:


The true test of a business is how their customers feel. Our customers describe our services as “truly exceptional.” We are proud of that. Every business can spend money on marketing or claim that they are the best in town, but the voices of customers tell you whether or not to believe those claims. Check out online reviews and testimonials before choosing your collision center or ask a friend in the Metairie area.  


Not all car accidents need the same type of work. A scratch may be a standard job for most collision centers, but other accidents require more in-depth expertise. Ask a collision center what they specialize in before you choose one for your issue. Here at Paretti Mazda, we’re happy to talk you through the services we offer and let you know if we’re the best team to handle your vehicle's damage and any other repairs.


A better quality product, of course, results in a better quality repair. High-end paints last longer and look more natural. When you use that level of paint product on your repair, you can rest assured that it will last as long as your original paint. Here at Paretti Mazda, we use the most up-to-date tools and products to make sure your car is as good as new.


Often, collision centers don’t tell you about their staff’s abilities. Some repair workers learn on the job. But there is no way to know what that training covers, how accomplished the technicians are, or even how skilled the trainers are. Our technical staff consists of six fully trained body technicians, who are I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) and ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified in collision repairs.

Please call (504) 456-7654 to schedule a repair appointment with one of our collision center staff members to go over your vehicle. We look forward to serving you.